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Sneha Natura

Formulation infrastructure is the logical forward integration to provide quality Natural product proprietary formulations in the following segments:
  • Antiarthritic
  • General debility
  • Ano-rectal diseases
  • Memory enhancers
  • Hepato protective
  • Antitussives and etc.,.
Naturally pure effective safe herbal formulations
  1. Sagun Capsules (Anti arthritic)
  2. Sagun Liniment (Topical analgesic)
  3. Nutriherb Capsules (General Debility)
  4. Arshacare Capsules (Ano -rectal diseases)
  5. Medhyn Capsules (Stress reliever )
  6. Medhyn Syrup (Memory enhancer)
  7. Laxsen Capsules (Safe Laxative)
  8. Hepbac Capsules (Liver corrective)
  9. Hepbac Syrup (Liver corrective, Appetite stimulant)
  10. Byekof Capsules (For healthy Respiratory system)
  11. Byekof Syrup (Cough remedy)
  12. Ginee Tablets (Glucosamine for Knee care)
  13. Ayu ginee (Natural Choice for Arthritis)
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