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Bayir Nano-RAM

Nano-materials for Pharma & Health Industries

General Applications of Nano-Products:
  • Antibacterial coatings & agents
  • Hydrophilic, Hydrophobic surface modulators
  • Antifriction, Antifouling coatings & agents
  • Antiphotolytic Photoreceptor protectors
  • Electrical, Temperature Conductivity modulating agents
  • Wound healing enhancing nanomaterials affecting cell-adhesions
Functional Products used in pharma/biotech Industry
  1. Nano zinc oxides for cosmetic creams, Packaging lining
  2. Nano cerium oxide for targeting cancer, control of Alzhiemer/ Parkinson
  3. Nano carriers for controlled release drugs
  4. Nano liposome, nano micelles, nano emulsion for entrapment of active pharmaceuticals
  5. Nano cerium oxide & customized hybrid nanoparticles for induction of cytotoxicity in neoplasm
  6. Nano-Fe2CO3 and nano-Calcium Carbonate in bioavailability enhancement of specific molecules
  7. A range of nanofibres, nanospheres, nanotubes for biosensors, bioremediation cells, catalytic applications
  8. Absorption & cellular transport modulation by Chitosan & Polycaprolactine nano-particles
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